Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back from the deaaaad!

Uggh, finally a post on my seemingly dead blog. The first of hopefully many 1 pager comics based on's "missed connections".
(Read the original here:

The text is alittle illegible, but instead of going back and redoing, I'll try to improve my lettering for my next one (which is in the works and should be up by next wednesday. The colours are different on this computer too than the ones at school...I should probably calibrate that shit, but whatevs. Also, some stuff from my character design charicature sketchbook. And some ancient life drawing I don't like.


sussman said...

dear cool person,
your work is definitely improving, that second page is solid and shows a lot more variation in design, and even stylistically tis different. i like the thin lines better than your older stuff with the bolder edge to it. but i guess its always good to combine the two for variety. the comic is cute, the flowy lines are neat, i like the girl's design. keep it up. dry your eye.

kathryn durst said...

GIRL these are so amazing! yeah i totally agree with noam your designs are awesome your aesthetic sense is so good. i love the comic it's really adorable and i love your flowy writing. keep up the awesome posting!