Monday, March 23, 2009

Some other stuff.

So, some more stuff thats been hanging about, crowding both my virtual and physical space.
Some craptastic paintings, sketches, and a comic page (testing out colours and layout, though it looks a little dark...what do you think?). Oh and a very late St. Patricks Day picture. Should be scanning zoo stuff or animating, but I've had enough animals for a tonight.

I want tea.


sussman said...

mmm... tea
cool stuff maaaan, i like that comicbookpage thing with the stereo and the blueness. very nice
the rest is Shit :)

~K said...

Lol thanks man :)

Ryder said...

Make it so I can see bigger versions!

.. NOW! :O

neat stuff btw :D

Katie said...

Raaghghgh! I can't...I think I need to wdit the html! :/

Skyers said...

Hey, I like where your going with you style. Keep up the good work
( '-')b

dogimo said...

I think that top one's hilarious and sad!

Sometimes you find the reflection in a surface looks realer than the thing itself. But that happens in life too not just art.

Dylan said...

"so we have mom and....oh mom got a part time job" -tim mccormack

good stuff here katie, awesome colours and compositions